Smoky & Earthy Flavor

Made in the Araucania Region of Chile

Four ways you can spice up your meals with Merken!

Merken merquen mapuche spice


The tangy, spicy flavor of Merken is just meant to go with any kind of meat, poultry, or seafood. Used as a dry rub or in a marinade, it adds layers of delicious smokiness to your brisket, ribs, or chicken wings and that mouthwatering spiciness to shrimp and fish.

Merken merquen mapuche spice


The medley of salty, zingy, spicy flavors makes Merken perfect to top any dish with. Just a little sprinkle over fries, popcorn, or even pizza is sure to have you licking your fingers. Have some fun with it and sprinkle it over fruit salads, mixed nuts, olives and more. Want a kick of spice to start your day? Sprinkle it over your Avocado toast with a little drizzle of Olive oil. Perfection!

Merken merquen mapuche spice


Can’t get enough of Bloody Marys and Micheladas? Add a smokey, lip-smacking bite to your favorite spicy cocktails or give other classic cocktails a spicy makeover with Merken. Either way your brunch dates and happy hours are sure to be a whole lot more fun!

Merken merquen mapuche spice


Make every meal an unforgettable memory that lingers in your mind for a long time. Works with all kinds of savory dishes - roasted veggies, meatballs, paella, soups, picadillo, salsa, or even flavored oil. A pinch of this mildly spicy, smokey seasoning gives your food a distinct punch that makes you want more.


The smoking process that results in merken is quite remarkable. The product of slowly smoking a dried Goat’s horn chile over a fire, this unique additive is bursting with smoky tones and lingerings. Dried, smoked, ground and then seasoned with a mix of salt and toasted coriander, the powdered chile spice offers a balanced flavor that brings out the best of any and all types of cuisine.

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100% Vegan certified

We believe that our Merken is something everybody should be able to enjoy. We understand and appreciate vegans and vegetarian diets, which is why  animal-derived ingredients like dried shrimp, fish flakes, gelatin, etc, will never make their way into our Merken. So, spice up your delicious vegan meals!

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